We’ve got the hottest Echo machine-accessible here. The Echocardiography department of IUH is equipped with state of the art echocardiography machine. The Department of Cardiology University Hospital caters to the need of patients experiencing heart disease. He completed his MBBS degree from J J M Medical College, through which Dr. Shenthar Ranked Second in Mysore University. A team of nursing staff, paramedical, resident medical officers, and consultants are present to treat patients with heart ailments. It helps and in some specific instances to asses the efficacy of treatment by an experienced team with security and precision. It is an important and useful method to diagnose a heart patient that has a normal ECG.

For those who have heart failure, your heart muscle is weakened and may not have the ability to pump enough blood out. Tests and imaging sessions have been conducted to learn what is going on within a patient’s chest. The noninvasive labs are outfitted to generate a reliable and accurate diagnosis. The noninvasive diagnostic services consist of best cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad, Exercise Stress Test, Stress Echo, Ambulatory ECG (Holter) Monitoring, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. 24 Hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. Specific patients require 24 hours ECG (Holter) monitoring to discover certain arrhythmias or salient ischemia. With this analysis, the doctor to select the suitable treatment of patients that are specific and will have very important info about the form of blood pressure.

This gear is extremely accurate in assessing B.P. variation across the clock. A lot of individuals have variation in B.P in different circumstances, especially in the presence of physicians (white coat hypertension). Do not delay! You have only one life, novel Best Cardiac surgeon doctors’ appointments, and keep yourself healthy and fine. With more than two years of professional knowledge in his field, Chennai has experience in performing the center surgeries in neonates into octogenarians. Our heart surgeons offer personalized care that encompasses the special needs of babies, children, and teenagers, and more importantly, we provide patients’ families with solace. The Institute for Heart in the clinic is designed to perform the critical surgical procedures that are vascular and provide comprehensive care with an individual touch, which makes it the heart hospital in India.