Her character is on full display as she sits on a roulette wheel whereas holding a deck of taking part in playing cards in her hands. Manufactured from acrylic, it options Chiaki Nanami and Monomi playing a console game collectively. The distinctive outfit for this figure also options black high heel boots with silver buckles and a collar for her tie. Low to excessive Kind by price. Attack on Titan Jacket Anime Shingeki no Kyojin jacket Legion Cosplay Costume Jacket Coat Any Dimension Prime quality Eren Mikasa. Assault on Titan Shirt AOT Shirt Cherry Blossoms Free Wing Anime Tee Wings Of Freedom Shirt AOT Fan GiftAttack On Titan Lover Shirt. Kyoko Kirigiri is the principal heroine of Danganronpa: Trigger Comfortable Havoc and is a fan favorite in character recognition polls.

1/four Scale Figure”, “ArtFX J Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Nagito Komaeda”, and “Danganronpa: Set off Joyful Havoc Celestia Ludenberg 1/7 Scale Figure”. Danganronpa isn’t as large in the West as it’s in Japan, so I haven’t got the luxury of walking into my native game retailer and looking at merchandise. Do you guys have any cool merch you’d like to share one day? Finally, now we have the ViVimus collection by Movic. The detail on this stuff is impeccable, and honestly, if my extra cash weren’t going towards early car payments, I’d positively consider ordering one, even if they were used! Though I shared quite a bit, this is not while deep as the rabbit gap goes. The truth is, though it goes without saying, all of the merchandise I shared with you by no means came out outside of Japan.

ComicSensexyz promises to give you the highest quality and distinctive designs for varied anime products in India. Browse officially licensed Assault ON TITAN products. Assault On Titan Poster Protects The Wall Season 2. Eren Buyer Made Jacket. Primary Hoodie Eren 5995 4505 Attack on Titan Jacket. 1595 1895. Dangaronpa Official Shop Quick – For shorter individuals, it would be really useful not to go for an oversized attack on the titan hoodie or jacket. House Shop Assault On Titan Clothes Attack On Titan Jacket Attack on Titan Jacket. Uncover the most effective Assault on Titan Jackets and AOT Jackets from the manga and anime Assault on Titan. And that i do like anime figures, but I’m more of a plush hoarder. However, all merch related to him is weirdly costly, but perhaps that’s because I’m trying on the Everyone’s Lottery: Danganronpa version?