Roulette is a casino game that has been popular for a very long time. That is easy to understand when you see what it offers. Not only is it simple to pick up, but it is also lots of fun to play and can bring decent wins. It is not easy to pick the winning number in roulette, and this has seen players trying to find ways to tip the odds in their favor. One myth says that roulette dealers and wheels can slip into patterns sometimes, which savvy bettors can use to their advantage.

But is this true?

Online roulette

There is RNG tech, no human dealers, and no real-life wheels when it comes to standard online roulette. RNG tech does what it says on the tin and makes every spin a random event that does not take into account any previous ones. It is something that you will find at the best NJ online casino sites and others worldwide. Resorts Casino is one top online casinos that uses RNG tech to make its games transparent, fair, and fun. The random nature of this tech means that finding repetitive patterns in online roulette is impossible. Although online players can sometimes see the same ‘hot’ numbers come up multiple times, this is purely down to how RNG tech works.

The lack of a human dealer also makes recognizing patterns in online roulette harder. That is because you cannot see how a human dealer rolls the ball and make future predictions based on that. When you also add that there is no physical wheel to influence where the ball may land and base patterns from, it gets even more challenging.

What about live dealer or offline roulette?

Of course, the above is not valid if you play live dealer roulette online or roulette at a real-life casino. For both these types of roulette, there is a human dealer present along with an actual roulette wheel and no RNG tech picking numbers out. This makes it possible to watch a few spins and then try to work out what could happen next.

If you notice the ball has landed in the same section of the wheel after a few rounds, for example, you could use this information when betting. Whether it is how the dealer rolls the ball or the wheel design influencing where it lands, this is something to keep an eye out for.

Wheels and dealers can slip into patterns

There are many ways to stay entertained in modern life – from acquiring social media apps to streaming movies. Playing casino games like roulette is another top choice for many people. If you do play this game offline or with a live dealer, there is no doubt that human roulette dealers all have their way of rolling the ball. This can see them slip into patterns you could track. It is also true that some real-life roulette wheels could see the same numbers come up regularly.