The iPhone users are swayed by a variety of appealing iPhone 15 colors. The Barbie pink model has captivated the attention of people on Twitter.

The iPhone 15 is expected to get rid of the Lightning port in favour of USB-C as the standard. The change is a result of changes to EU regulations on charging.

Launching Date

According to a recent report by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to unveil the iPhone 15 on either September 13 or 12, and unveil it next week. That’s in line with previous iPhone launches and is the typical date for when new iPhones are released.

A few significant changes are to be expected, including a fresh color and improved cameras on the Pro models. Some rumors have suggested that the ‘Pro Max’ model could get a periscopic camera that can provide six times the zoom.

The models that are ‘Pro’ are likely to also keep this 120Hz refresh speed that came on the iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, the ‘Pro Max’ model may have a single physical button with tactile feedback that is able to serve multiple purposes, such as muting, accessibility options and flashlight activation. It can also be used to activate concentration mode, and app opening. The button can also function as a power button which will enable fast charging. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 15 will no longer have support for its Lightning connector. It will instead be replaced with a USB-C connection.

Technology iphone 15 Update

There are a few significant tech upgrades that are expected in the iPhone 15. According to reports, the Pro or Max/Ultra model will move from Lightning on USB-C to the standard ports. According to reports, this change is necessary to ensure compliance with EU regulations, however Apple might also want to reduce component costs.

Additionally, the rumor mill suggests that all iPhone 15 models will retain their 120 Hz refresh rate. Apple will reportedly tweak its display driver chip to be more efficient in energy use that will lead to improved battery life.

Other changes an unreleased CAD model indicates that the mute button might be replaced with an all-purpose Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. This button will be programmable and will be able to perform different actions like activating accessibility features, changing the sound mode, launching the camera app and switching on the flashlight or activating the concentration mode and using shortcuts that are running. The phone could come with a periscopic lens that can offer the possibility of up to six times optical zoom.


If you’re trying to cut costs and wait until after that the iPhone 15 series is launched in September, you may find an old model through a store or carrier. Apple tends to pull off older versions after it launches new models which is why you may have the chance to purchase some decent value.

In contrast, it’s likely that you’ll spend more money on a Pro or Max model this year. According to rumors, the phones will feature improvements to the chip, new cameras (including the upgraded telephoto camera on the Pro Max), and a titanium design with transparent glass.

Furthermore an Barclays analyst says that the smartphones could cost at least $100-$200 more costly than the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max or 13 Pro Max respectively. Based on data he’s obtained from supply chain businesses in Asia. If this proves to be the case then it will be the biggest blow for Apple’s sales.