Moses Brown, Kenyon Martin Jr., Jordan Poole, and Ersan İlyasova are some of the NBA 2K21 players that got the highest and lowest rating updates.

NBA 2K21 just dropped another update for the items’ ratings. These updates happen regularly. They are needed to keep the game consistent with what happens on the real basketball court. The players’ performances vary throughout the season. The team behind the game analyzes how players behave on the court and changes their stats accordingly. Let’s see who are the players that got the biggest OVR increases and decreases.

NBA 2K21 Items That Got The Biggest OVR Increases

Moses Brown had a great season. This player sits at the top of the chart as the biggest mover in this update. He got a +7 boost and his OVR is now 74. Moses started his NBA career in 2019 with the Portland Trail Blazers. He is now with the Oklahoma City Blue. Kenyon Martin Jr. is another NBA 2K21 item with an impressive boost. The latest update bumped his OVR by six and he now has 73 OVR. He plays for the Houston Rockets. We also have a player with a +5 boost. This is Jordan Poole. He is a Golden State Warriors player. Eight players have got a + 3 update. Anthony Edwards now sits at 80 OVR. We also have Ricky Rubio, Luke Kennard, Nicolas Claxton, Terance Mann, Drew Eubanks, Dean Wade, and Nathan Knight that got a +3 boost. Sixteen players have had their ratings upped by two. Danilo Gallinari, R.J. Barrett, and Rui Hachimura are some of them. Jimmy Butler got a +1 upgrade so he now has 91 OVR. Russell Westbrook has 89 OVR after the +1 bump. Now, let’s check out the players that unfortunately had their ratings decreased.

NBA 2K21 Items That Got The Biggest OVR Decreases

It wasn’t a good season for Ersan İlyasova. The Turkish player who was drafted into the NBA in 2005 by the Milwaukee Bucks and now plays for the Utah Jazz had his rating bumped down by 3. He now has 73 OVR. We have 16 players with a -2 decrease. Karl-Anthony Towns is one of them. He now has 87 OVR. Kemba Walker, Jordan Clarkson, Lauri Markkanen, and Dylan Windler join the -2 club. Paul George is no longer part of the 90 club. He now has 89 OVR. Ben Simmons, Nikola Vucevic, and Kyle Lowry got a -1 decrease too.

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